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Titan Partners With Corner Post On Free Seminar Covering "Social Security And Your Retirement"

June 6, 2014 - Mineral Wells, TX

Titan Bank partnered with Corner Post Financial on May 15th, 2014 to host a workshop entitled "Social Security & Your Retirement". John Berry's presentation was very informative and helpful. Topics discussed were "How Social Security benefits work" and "Opportunities to increase your benefits." If you missed this workshop, make plans to attend a second one coming this fall!


Titan Partners with MW Chamber of Commerce for a Career Fair at MWHS

November 11, 2013 -- Mineral Wells, Texas

The Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce and Mineral Wells High School teamed up for a second year to bring business professionals to students in its Career Fair. The program focused on ninth and tenth graders and gave them an opportunity to hear about the paths and professionals of community business women and men.

“This is Titan Bank’s second year to be involved in this event and, by far, the best one to date,” said Dacey Malone, Titan Bank’s executive vice president and controller. “We partnered with Community National Bank to show the students what opportunities are available to them in the world of banking.”

Students had a choice in selecting the professions they wanted to learn more about. “The students were able to pick their top three out of 12 different career choices,” Malone added. “I was so impressed to see the number of student’s that picked banking. It more than tripled from last year.” Malone explained, “The students seemed very interested and engaged in our presentation and asked very good questions like:

• What type of education they needed to work at a bank?

• How much pay did a teller start out at?

• How old do you have to be to work at a bank? “

Some were even interested to know if what they had worn to school that day would be appropriate dress attire for a bank?” Malone noted. She said the partnership between Mineral Wells ISD, the Chamber and local businesses “continues to grow stronger and it shows with the students’ level of understanding about Mineral Wells and the opportunities available to them here. As a graduate of Mineral Wells High School, I wish we had been exposed to these same opportunities.”

Presenters came from health (Palo Pinto General Hospital), financial, education and more professions. Those choosing to hear about stocks from John Berry, when the Index caught up with him, were duly rewarded by Berry and colleague Aric Kram, with candy bars when they participated and answered correctly or were mostly right. This tactic kept students engaged and participating, somewhat like stock investors, with sweets as their dividends.

Titan Employees Contribute to Project 365

July, 2013 - Mineral Wells, Texas

Family, friends and employees of Titan Bank worked hard to make Mineral Wells more beautful.  Project 365 is a community program that puts together people who can do with people who need help.  During this project, a neighborhood was revitalized making a safer, more beautiful place to live.  This is one of many ways Titan and it's employees give back to the community.

  • Joe Ogle, Mountaineer Lanes Bowling Alley, Mineral Wells Location

    "I changed banks in search of great customer service. That's exactly what I got at Titan Bank!"

    Joe Ogle, Mountaineer Lanes Bowling Alley, Mineral Wells Location

  • Michelle Pitt, Pitt Photography, Mineral Wells

    ""I love Titan Bank. They are what banking used to be about!""

    Michelle Pitt, Pitt Photography, Mineral Wells