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Titan Bank specializes in providing real estate loans to small businesses. We provide funds for the purchase, refinance and expansion of business real estate. We lend in many categories, including office, industrial, medical, retail, automotive, hospitality, office condo, self-storage and funeral homes, among others. Titan's loan officers are located nationwide and have the ability to lend in whichever market you may have a need.

Our primary focus is speed and flexibility when underwriting and closing business real estate loans. We know that for business owners, time is money. We deliver our services in a coordinated manner to reduce the burden and time required of you. Unlike most banks, we don't require you to switch to our deposit banking services to receive a loan. We are happy to provide only the services you want and need.

Titan Business Real Estate Loans feature:
- No balloons
- No deposit banking relationship required
- Loans from $250,000–$5,000,000
- Working Capital & Equipment may be included

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  • Terry Hamilton, Chicken Express Franchisee, Kerrville, TX

    "The Titan Team closed my loan in 14 working days from loan approval! I opened my store on time due to Titan Bank driving the entire process. Titan Bank did what it took to close my deal. I look forward to working with Titan Bank again for location number four."

    Terry Hamilton, Chicken Express Franchisee, Kerrville, TX

  • Francois Maeder, Chef/Owner of Crumpets, San Antonio, TX

    "I was very impressed with how Titan Bank coordinated their Business Development, Credit & Closing functions to allow me to close my loan in 20 working days from ‘approval’. Their communication throughout the entire process was exceptional which kept us on schedule. I would recommend any small business operator work with Titan Bank."

    Francois Maeder, Chef/Owner of Crumpets, San Antonio, TX

  • Kelyn Freudiger, DFW Electric, Wylie, Texas

    "Our rapidly growing business was in dire need of additional space. Our ‘rent replacement’ project was processed in a timely manner by Titan Bank, but they also provided a ‘hands-on’approach since we were first time buyers. We would highly recommend that buyers turn to Titan Bank when considering commercial real estate ownership loans."

    Kelyn Freudiger, DFW Electric, Wylie, Texas