Solo 401k Bank Accounts and Checkbook Control IRAs

Finally a bank that specializes in Self Directed retirement bank accounts!

Titan Bank is the nation's leading providers of bank accounts for Solo 401k and Checkbook Control IRAs. We have a dedicated Solo 401k bank account department with staff who understand your needs and can quickly assist. As a Titan Customers you'll interact with the same small team of bankers who know your name and take pride in their service.

The benefits of our Solo 401k banking program include:
- Free account setup
- Deposit accounts setup within 48 hours
- Free check deposit by mobile phone.
- Support for complex structures including multiple nested LLCs and trust
- Free debit card and checks 
- Full online banking capability with and online wire and ACH transmission
- Add new bank accounts quickly, with minimal paperwork
- FDIC insured on your bank accounts
- Titan Bank makes non-recourse loans on real estate investments to self-directed accounts

Contact our self-directed 401k bank account department at (888) 360-1300 or email us today via our website. 

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