Self Directed / Solo 401k Bank Accounts

Finally a bank that specializes in Solo 401k Bank accounts!

Titan Bank, N.A. provides deposit accounts for Solo 401k’s. As one of the only banks to offer these specialized accounts, our staff is familiar with your needs and can quickly assist you. Our customers interact with the same small team of bankers who know their names and don’t treat them like numbers.

The benefits of our Solo 401k banking program include:
- Deposit accounts setup within 48 hours
- Support for complex structures including multiple nested LLCs and trust accounts
- You receive a debit card, check book and full wire and ACH transmission capability
- Full online banking capability
- Add or delete bank accounts quickly, with minimal paperwork
- Low cost, easy to understand fee structure
- FDIC insured on your bank accounts
- Titan Bank makes non-recourse loans on real estate investments to self-directed retirement accounts

Feel free to contact our self-directed 401k bank account department at (888) 360-1300 email us today via our website. 

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